The Epidemic of Child Abuse

The following information is from the American Society for the Positive Care of Children “It is easy to read statistics without grasping the human suffering behind the numbers. Each number represents a child’s life. Each human life touches hundreds of others. The ramifications of child abuse and neglect are exponential”. Types of Child Abuse: Eight […]

Preventing Sexual Abuse in the Church

Use the Six-Month Rule – Don’t give any volunteer worker the opportunity to be involved in nursery, children’s or youth work until he or she has been associated with your church for at least six months. Screen All Workers – Investigate prior church membership and volunteer work. Check references. Develop an application form and have […]

Types of Adoptions

This information came from Agape of North Alabama’s website The “right” adoption for you. Adoptive parents may choose from two main types of adoptions in the United States – domestic adoption and international adoption. The following describes each and explains their differences. Domestic adoption describes an adoption that involves adoptive parents and a child who […]

Healing the Wounded Father – The Contemporary Fathering Crisis by Harold Shank

Healing the Wounded Father – The Contemporary Fathering Crisis The Wounded Father In his book Finding Our Fathers, psychologist Samuel Osherson tells about a forty-two-year-old doctor who came to him with a problem. His younger brother’s wedding had brought the entire family, including their divorced parents, together in St. Louis. The physician spent most of […]